Lathe Tools

Ground high speed steel tool bits
Cutting-off tools
Blade cutting-off tools
Straight rough-cutting tool
Rough-cutting offset tool
Straight finishing tool
Straight rough-cutting tool
Side tools
Face tool
Slot tool
Internal tools
Internal corner roundind tool
Tools for turning bars
End mill heads cutters

Gear Cutting Tools

Monoblock hobbing cutters for splined shafts
Hobbing cutters for fine mechanics
Monoblock hobbing cutters with one beginning
Hobbing cutters for the sprocket wheels
Large size gear cutters
Fly cutters m = 1 ... 20 mm
Fly cutters for the sprocket wheels
Tapered gear planing tools I type
Tapered gear planing tools II type
Tapered gear planing tools III type
Tapered gear planing tools IV type
Rack shaped cutters
Tapered gear tools
Tapered gear tools (Gleason type)
Gear cutters disk-shape type I
Gear cutters bell-shape type II
Gear cutters shank III type
Gear cutters SYKES type
Shaving cutters

Milling Cutters

Slotting millingcutters with cylindrical shank
Slotting milling cutters with taper shank
End mill cutter with taper shank
End mill cutter with straight shank
Slotting backed off cutters
Staggered teeth side and face milling cutters
Concave milling cutter
Angular milling cutter
Double angle milling cutter
1/4 concave milling cutter
Convex milling cutter
Double equal angle milling cutter
Cylindrical cutters with plain bore and key drive
Shell end mills with plain bore and tenon drive
Slotting cutters with plain bore and key drive

Mining Tools

Rotary percussion drilling couplings
Radial mining tools
Tangential mining tools
Detachable bits for rotary percussion drilling
Detachable bits for rotary drilling
Step enlarger diggers


Machine and hand short taps for metric thread
Long shank machine taps for metric thread
Nut taps for metric thread
Machine and hand taps for cylindrical pipe thread
Taps for taper metric thread
Taps for inch taper thread (BRIGGS)


Spare parts for railways and carriages

Feuerland Werkstaetten

Engine mount and crankshafts reconditioning


Machanical processing